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Choose the color you want for the room. Ask questions if you’re unsure. 

Next step is to cover all furniture and to prepare the walls by filling holes/cracks and create a smooth finish. 

Once the walls are ready, we will begin to prime and paint. Choose from several options like flat, matte, eggshell, satin, high-gloss, and semi-gloss. 


The paint will take a few hours to dry. We will clean up by putting all materials away and sweeping the floors. 

A free, no-obligation honest estimate will first be provided

Preparation consists of washing any surface to remove mildew, scrape all old loose paint, sanding if needed, and apply caulk to any gaps.

We begin to prime and paint all surfaces.

After we clean up any materials and tools. Finally we run quick inspection to make sure the job has been completed. 

To prepare the surface, we first remove old chipped paint, dirt and minor repairs.

Then we thoroughly power wash the surface before painting.

If there’s minor attention needed to the surface, we will smooth it out.

At last, once dry, we begin to paint or stain.

About Us

We are a family-owned painting company that's been serving in Raleigh, North Carolina since 1998.

Tomas Castro Jr. Painting is a professionally operated painting business that’s provided expert work for the past 30 years.

Our team of professional painters are heavily experienced in interior and exterior painting including other qualities to ensure giving the best quality service we can.

Tomas Castro Jr. Painting Local Painter
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For the past 30 years, our Team has provided professional painting in North Carolina

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As a local painting business in the Triangle area, we have gained a solid reputation in which we take pride in.

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Tomas Castro Jr. Painting Local Painter
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